what is the advantage of joining a record or download pool for today’s DJ?
Firstly, you’re guaranteed early releases, which is obviously of importance to DJs wanting the latest hits first. Those releases will always be near-CD quality (for instance 256 M4As, 320 MP3s, Apple Lossless files etc), so they’ll sound great to DJ with. And many of them will be “DJ friendly”, which could mean anything from having easy-to-mix intros and outros, to “quick edit” versions (which are shorter, “intro-verse-chorus-outro” cuts of tired songs), to things like exclusive remixes and even BPM transition tools – all of which help you play more exciting DJ sets.

Secondly, pick the right pool and you’re effectively employing a team of experts, whose job it is day in, day out to expertly programme and curate the music on offer. This means you get the hot tunes and big hits relevant to you all in one place, so you save time you’d otherwise spend scouring the internet for them. Good pools have DJ charts and other tools to help you ensure you don’t miss anything big.

Finally of course, for any working DJ who buys a reasonable amount of music, a record or download pool will almost definitely end up costing you a lot less than purchasing those tunes individually.




So how exactly does a pool work?
Well, as soon as you’re a working DJ (that means actually playing out regularly – whether that’s to 50 people in a bar, or to thousands at Privilege in Ibiza!), and can demonstrate that fact through your own website, flyers etc, you can apply to join a pool. This “working DJ” stuff is important, as pools are as much promotion for the labels as they are a service for the DJ. Don’t think you have to be Tïesto to join a pool (you really don’t), but remember that you can be kicked out if you’ve lied and in fact are not a bona fide DJ.

So once accepted, you pay your monthly fee, and you get access to the pool’s music. As tracks arrive at the pool, the staff make them available inside the portal daily, and you can grab them daily or weekly, or whatever works for you.